Saturday, March 26, 2011

Handspun Shaking Leaves

Shaking Leaves Cardigan

Hello Yarn Club fiber Finn "Shaking Leaves". This prep was so absolutely wonderful, it practically spun its self! I really love the squishyness of the garter stitch with the Finn wool.

Spinning notes:
20oz Finn wool spun semi worsted. I like to spin long draw, but I smooth the singles as I let them wind on. This is possibly not technically correct, but it works for me!

Singles spun 18-20 wpi
Plied yarn 9-10 wpi
Grist-Approx 1000 ypp Worsted-Aran weight

Knitting notes:
Gauge: 20sts, 33 rows/4in with size 7 needles
Yarn required ~1100 yards Worsted-Aran weight

Finished measurements:
Collar 18"
Bust 39"
Yoke depth 8.5"
Upper arm 14"
Waist 34"
Length (from underarm) 16"
Sleeve 15.5"
If you need this bigger or smaller, you can simply knit more or fewer increase rows. Ah, the beauty of Top down sweaters!

Odd rows RS, Even rows WS

With size 4, 32" circular needle CO 85 sts and k 4 rows plain
Row 5- Knit Increase row - *k3 kfb* k1 (throughout pattern repeat sts between *'s)- 21 sts increased - 106 sts
Row 6- Switch to size 7 32" circular needles, k 1 row even - knit button hole on this row and every 7 garter ridges, or to your own taste. I did a 3 stitch 2 row buttonhole.
Row 7- Knit Short row - k 80% of sts, w&t, knit back to the same point on the other side, w&t, k to end of row. (Example: If you have 100 sts on needle, k 80sts(20 sts from the end), w&t, k 60sts(20 sts from the end), w&t k to end. No need to pick up wraps when knitting short rows in garter stitch)
Row 8- k 1 row even
Row 9- Knit Increase row - k5 *kfb, k2* k5 - 32 sts increased - 138 sts
Row 10- knit 1 row even
Row 11- Knit Short row as stated above except only k 70% of your stitches before your, w&t
Row 12- k 1 row even
Row 13- Knit Increase row - k7 *kfb, k3* k7 - 31 sts increased - 169 sts
Row 14-28 knit even (don't forget your button hole!)
Row 29- Knit Increase row - k6 *kfb, k5* k7 - 26 sts increased - 195 sts
Row 30- knit 1 row even
Row 31- Prepare to begin raglan increases(RS)- k31, pm, k1, pm, k38, pm, k1, pm, k53, pm, k1, pm, k38, pm, k1, pm, k31
Row 32- k7, p to last 7 sts, k7 (continue 7 st garter button band throughout)
Row 33- 1st raglan increase round - k to first marker, *M1R, k1, M1L, knit to next marker* repeat across - 8 sts increased. 203 sts.
Repeat last 2 rows 10 more times. 88 sts increased. 283 sts.
Repeat row 32
Split sleeves from body(RS) removing markers and knitting raglan sts as you come to them- k43, slip next 60 sts to scrap yarn, CO 6 under arm sts, pm, CO 6 more sts, k77 sts, slip next 60 sts to scrap yarn, CO 6 under arm sts, pm, CO 6 more sts, k43.
Knit body sts in stockinette stitch back and forth, keeping the 7 st garter button band, until sweater measures 3 in from underarm. Decrease 2 sts at each side every 8th row, 4 times.
Knit straight for 3-4 inches
Increase 2 sts at each side of side markers every 7th row, 3 times. Knit to 1.5" less than desired body length.
Knit 12 rows of garter stitch and bind off.

Slip sleeve sts back onto size 7 circular or DPN. PU 6 sts pm, PU 6 sts, join and begin to knit in the round.
Decrease 2 sts each side of marker each round for 3 rounds and then once more after knitting a few rounds plain.
Knit 5 inches even.
Decrease 2 sts each side of marker every 12th row, 5 times.

Knit sleeve 1.5" less than desired length (in my case 14 inches) and knit 12 rows of garter stitch and bind off.
Repeat for second sleeve.
Sew on buttons and enjoy!!

- I do not own or have ever looked at the pattern "Garter Yoke Cardigan by Melissa LeBarre" I was inspired by this design, but wanted to incorporate some additional features such as a higher neckline and additional waist shaping. This pattern is not really "mods" per se, but my own interpretation of that pattern. I did my best to double check the math, so please let me know if you find a mistake.