Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Ravens have landed!!

Blue Moon Fiber Artists have outdone themselves again!

Their new series of colors is deep dark and saturated. Inky ocean blues, dark cherry stains, eggplant hues and murky waters. They are georgeous!!

I have attempted to take pictures of the two I got, but it is very hard to capture all of the depth and color in these. Plus, the camera doesn't know where to focus!

The first above is Thraven - described as "blusey greens and greensy blues painted black". This color is really beautiful in person. It is the deepest blue green suffused with charcoal and black.

Next up is Tlingit above - described as "hot pink, chartreuse and robins egg blue stewed in black". That sounds dramatic! This color really does remind me of the irridescence of a raven or blackbird's feathers.

Both of these yarns are in the "Socks that Rock - Mediumweight" base. If you haven't knit with this yarn yet, I highly recommend trying it out. It is by far the best sock yarn I have knit with.

I'm not sure yet what i will knit with these (maybe some gloves?). I am still having too much fun petting them in the skeins!

Monday, November 12, 2007


Tanuki's first day home
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Let me introduce you to Tanuki! He is a 2 year old male Keeshond found as a stray in Northern Ohio and picked up by the Animal Warden. I worked with a local volunteer for Keeshond Rescue of the Central States to adopt him in April of this year. She told me that he was covered in mats and a real mess when she picked him up. Luckily he didn't have to stay in that condition for long!! He blew out most of his undercoat this Summer and it is filling back in nicely this Fall.

He and Pepper got along really well right from the begining. They wrestle and tumble all over the house. I know that Pepper is happy to have a little brother to play with.

It has taken Tanuki a little while longer to come out of his shell with the humans in the house. All he would want to do is play and roughhouse (I love that word!) 24/7!! He finally seems to seek and enjoy affection from us. He can be a real cuddlebug in the evenings when we are winding down for the night. He doesn't seem to understand that he doesn't quite fit on my lap!! I sometimes wonder what his life was like before us, but I know he is happy now.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Sea Wool Pomatomus

Sea Wool Pomatomus
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Finally finished!! I love these socks! Is it wrong to be in love with a sock? I think not!

These are probably the hardest thing I have knit to date. The pattern isn't particularly hard, but you do have to pay attention. The hard part is all of those kbl (knit through back loop). I think I am going to have to take a few days off from tiny needle knitting.

These are knit with Fleece Artist Sea Wool. A lovely yarn with a beautiful sheen. I have another hank dedicated to some Monkey socks.


Smiling Dutchman!
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What is a Keeshond you ask? They are a member of the spitz group of dogs and are incredibly smart. Sometimes my husband and I feel like we have furry kids running around the house. They have a very extensive vocabulary of howls, growls and things I can't even describe. As you can see, they also smile. :)

This is Pepper. He just turned 8 on November 7th.

Coming soon...Tanuki!!