Monday, November 12, 2007


Tanuki's first day home
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Let me introduce you to Tanuki! He is a 2 year old male Keeshond found as a stray in Northern Ohio and picked up by the Animal Warden. I worked with a local volunteer for Keeshond Rescue of the Central States to adopt him in April of this year. She told me that he was covered in mats and a real mess when she picked him up. Luckily he didn't have to stay in that condition for long!! He blew out most of his undercoat this Summer and it is filling back in nicely this Fall.

He and Pepper got along really well right from the begining. They wrestle and tumble all over the house. I know that Pepper is happy to have a little brother to play with.

It has taken Tanuki a little while longer to come out of his shell with the humans in the house. All he would want to do is play and roughhouse (I love that word!) 24/7!! He finally seems to seek and enjoy affection from us. He can be a real cuddlebug in the evenings when we are winding down for the night. He doesn't seem to understand that he doesn't quite fit on my lap!! I sometimes wonder what his life was like before us, but I know he is happy now.


sarah lou said...

he's pretty! as is your other puppy! we've been tossing aroudn the idea of a dog and this size sounds good... does this breed tend to be "chewers"?

p.s. i grabbed your blog from your postings at the piddleloop group at ravelry, but i'm just upstate from you in toledo! hey, neighbor!

Martha said...

Howdy neighbor!!
They really are great dogs. I don't think that they tend to be "chewers" once they get past teething as puppies. That being said, I try to give my dogs good outlets for their natural chewing tendencies. Kongs, Rawhide, Nylabones etc. Please do consider getting a dog from a rescue group or local shelter! Let me know if you want any Keeshond rescue numbers or contacts.