Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Ravens have landed!!

Blue Moon Fiber Artists have outdone themselves again!

Their new series of colors is deep dark and saturated. Inky ocean blues, dark cherry stains, eggplant hues and murky waters. They are georgeous!!

I have attempted to take pictures of the two I got, but it is very hard to capture all of the depth and color in these. Plus, the camera doesn't know where to focus!

The first above is Thraven - described as "blusey greens and greensy blues painted black". This color is really beautiful in person. It is the deepest blue green suffused with charcoal and black.

Next up is Tlingit above - described as "hot pink, chartreuse and robins egg blue stewed in black". That sounds dramatic! This color really does remind me of the irridescence of a raven or blackbird's feathers.

Both of these yarns are in the "Socks that Rock - Mediumweight" base. If you haven't knit with this yarn yet, I highly recommend trying it out. It is by far the best sock yarn I have knit with.

I'm not sure yet what i will knit with these (maybe some gloves?). I am still having too much fun petting them in the skeins!

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