Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Yarn Ball Wreath
Originally uploaded by Orchid22

So, I can't believe that is has been this long since I have actually posted on my blog!!!
I have been so busy since last fall. Work has been crazy, and then I got a spinning wheel for Christmas last year and have been spinning up a storm ever since.

This is a little wreath that I put together using styrofoam balls and some yarn that I picked up on the cheap at JoAnn's. Oh, yeah, and 2 of the balls are covered in yarn that I spun from my puppers!


LittleWit said...

I love that wreath. It's awesome! :) I bet you could even leave it up all year long in that spot.

Anonymous said...

lovely wreath! What a unique idea. Stumble across your site. Love, love, love it.